Best Family-Friendly Restaurants In Surfers Paradise

Best Family-Friendly Restaurants In Surfers Paradise

Get ready for the long-awaited holiday with the family to Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. For many visitors that come to the Gold Coast for the first time, this iconic Queensland destination turns out to be the main attraction of the trip, as there is amazing shopping, a wide range of activities, a few of Australia’s ideal theme parks, beautiful beaches, and an extensive selection of restaurants to choose from.

The bright side is that Surfers Paradise presents an abundance of family-friendly restaurants that will satisfy every eater’s appetite! But it’s always an excellent plan to be prepared, particularly if there is a hungry family ready to dive into an enjoyable dinner. If you’re going with young ones, you don’t want to be struggling around in search of food. We have put up the ultimate guide to Surfers Paradise’s greatest eateries for you to bite into, featuring everything from towering burgers and Asian fusion to outstanding water views and fresh seafood.

1. Sandbar Surfers Paradise

Sandbar Surfers Paradise

Best Known For: Beach View, Party Culture and Laid Back Lifestyle

Sandbar, a mesmerising culinary retreat with a laid-back coastal ambience, is tucked away along the well-known Surfers Paradise coastline. This dynamic hotspot combines the best of both worlds by offering a safe haven for families during the day and morphing into a buzzy bar and restaurant as dusk falls. Sandbar guarantees a pleasurable eating experience for everyone with its comprehensive menu that caters to different tastes, including delicious seafood, substantial burgers, and fresh salads. Sandbar’s warm atmosphere and mouthwatering menu make it the ideal place to immerse yourself in the dynamic spirit of Surfers Paradise, whether you’re having a leisurely lunch with your loved ones, cocktails with friends, or a romantic evening by the sea.

In Surfers Paradise, Sandbar appears to be a favourite hangout place for families. The outstanding beachside restaurant Sandbar in Surfers Paradise welcomes people of all ages and offers various cuisines throughout the day. Families looking for a beachy eating moment in Surfers Paradise are sure to find it to be an excellent option due to its prime location, comfortable ambience, and family-friendly offerings, including an exclusive “kids’ menu.

Those who have worked up an appetite after a day at the beach may look into the “3 to 5” menu, which serves the period between lunch and dinner. There seems to be something that fits everyone’s taste, from burgers and Hawaiian poke bowls to waffle fries and buffalo wings.

Address 52 Esplanade, Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217, Australia
Service Options Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery
Opening Hours Monday: 7am – 10pm
Tuesday: 7am – 10pm
Wednesday: 7am – 10pm
Thursday: 7am – 10pm
Friday: 7am – 12am
Saturday: 7am – 12am
Sunday: 7am – 10pm
Menu (Food & Drinks)
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Yelp Review: “Such a gorgeous spot for brunch! Right in Budd’s Beach area and on the water. You can sit inside or outside here but outside is such a gorgeous view and you can people watch all the kayakers and stand up paddle boarders. The beach area in front of bumbles is nice for a picnic or a quieter getaway area. The salmon eggs benny was delish and the banana smoothie was great too! Would definitely go back!”- Michelle S.

2. Vapiano Surfers Paradise

Vapiano Surfers Paradise

Best Known For: Vibrant atmosphere and made-to-order Italian cuisine.

A thriving culinary hotspot called Vapiano Surfers Paradise is located right in the middle of Australia’s Gold Coast. It offers a distinctive dining experience where customers may enjoy Italian food prepared with a contemporary twist in a pleasant and modern setting. The open-kitchen approach at Vapiano encourages diners to witness talented chefs produce their meals using the best and freshest ingredients, including made-to-order pasta, wood-fired pizzas, fresh salads, and decadent desserts. Vapiano Surfers Paradise is a lovely retreat for both locals and guests looking for a memorable and savoury dining experience thanks to its gorgeous setting, warm atmosphere, and broad cuisine that caters to various tastes.

Vapiano ensures that their dishes are made with ingredients that are as fresh and sustainable as possible by using food that grows locally and herbs that grow within 150 kilometres. The fact that Vapiano makes its own fresh pasta and pizza every day enhances its commitment to quality and promises customers that they will taste the authentic flavours of Italian food.

With a variety of ingredients and toppings available, customers can customise their orders. The restaurant has a unique card-based payment system as well. Guests get a card as they enter, and orders are recorded on the card at different eating stations. Due to the fact that payment is made when leaving the restaurant, the dining experience is simple and quick. Although Vapiano is a family-friendly restaurant, parents may still enjoy fine cocktails there.

Address Soul Boardwalk, T208 Cavill Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia
Service Options Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
Opening Hours Monday: 12pm–10pm
Tuesday: 12pm–10pm
Wednesday: 12pm–10pm
Thursday: 12pm–10pm
Friday: 11am–11pm
Saturday: 11am–1 pm
Sunday: 11am–11pm
Menu (Food & Drinks)
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Google Review: “Always a great experience eating here, a family favourite. Location: The location of this is great being close to the beach, has views of Cavill avenue and very spacious with seating inside and outside on the balcony. Staff: The staff are always friendly, working hard and attentive. Food: The food ordered is always to a high standard and well made. Accessibility: The accessibility is by an escalator or lift, wheelchair friendly. Definitely a great place to visit when in surfers. Lunch deals are available and the cheesecake desserts are amazing”- Natalie Weerasinghe

3. Bazaar Surfers Paradise

Bazaar Surfers Paradise

Best Known For: A delicatessen-style buffet, a traditional marketplace with a unique twist of juicy seafood and dumplings

Bazaar Surfers Paradise sounds like an exciting and innovative dining place to experience, with a contemporary twist on the traditional delicatessen-style buffet. The dining experience becomes more apparent and realistic with the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, which offer views of the cold area with premium cured meats and refrigerators full of fresh food. It allows guests to observe the quality and freshness of the ingredients that compose their food.

The immersive consuming experience is made better by the wood-fired pizza ovens and the wide range of flavours and cuisines provided, including vibrant salads, slow-roasted meats, lavish fish, Asian wok artwork, and dumplings. The vast selection of sweet desserts is likely to be a lovely treat for individuals with a sweet tooth. An innovative drinks menu that provides people with the option of drinks to enjoy with their meal boosts the overall experience.

Children are usually believed to like Bazaar Surfers Paradise. Kids especially love the restaurant’s interactive, marketplace-style dining experience, as it allows them to explore several food stations and witness the cooking of freshly prepared dishes in front of them.

Address 7 Staghorn Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia
Service Options Dine-in · No takeaway · No delivery
Opening Hours Monday: 6:30am–10:30am, 5:30pm–10pm
Tuesday: 6:30am–10:30am, 5:30pm–10pm
Wednesday: 6:30am–10:30am, 5:30pm–10pm
Thursday: 6:30am–10:30am, 5:30pm–10pm
Friday: 6:30am–10:30am, 5pm–10pm
Saturday: 6:30am–10:30am, 5pm–10pm
Sunday: 6:30am–10:30 am, 11:30am–1:30pm, 5:30pm–10pm
Menu (Food & Drinks) & Prices
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Google Review: “This is the best brunch we’ve had in Gold Coast. The venue is very considerate about dietary requirements and staff (Billie specially) helped us identifying all halal items. Loved it and highly recommended.We will definitely be coming back here to try breakfast. Brunch menu was great and had items to cater for all ages 🙂 kids loved it…Just a suggestion that you should exercise a day before to enjoy the items” – Syed Muhammad Umer

4. The Tandoori Place

The Tandoori Place

Best Known For: Chefs’ recommendations embrace the potato- and spice-cooked Shahi Bakra Goat Curry and the Gajjar-da-halva, Gulab Jamun, and mango pista kulfi in the dessert.

Laycock Street’s The Tandoori Place is a great place to experience the finest dishes in Surfers Paradise. Surjit Dhillon, the owner of the Aegean Building restaurant, attributes the restaurant’s success to maintaining its ideology of serving the most delicious curries like spice-cooked Shahi Bakra Goat curry and Indian cuisine offered on the Gold Coast. The interior design is classic Indian, with pictures and carvings boosting the ambience. The Indian continent prevails, with its colour appearing throughout, from the menu to the placemats. With an eye on North Indian cuisine, expect appetisers like tandoori chicken wings or deep-fried lamb pasties before tasting out unique curries like the hot and spiciest kangaroo vindaloo or the sweetest lamb with tropical fruit and a creamy sauce, that tastes best with basmati rice and naan.

Address 30 Laycock St, Aegean Apartments, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia
Service Options Dine-in · Takeaway · No-contact delivery
Opening Hours Monday: 10:30am - 14:30pm, 17pm - 12am
Tuesday: 17pm - 12am
Wednesday: 17pm - 12am
Thursday: 10:30am - 14:30pm, 17pm - 12am
Friday: 10:30am - 14:30pm, 17pm - 12am
Saturday: 10:30am - 14:30pm, 17pm - 12am
Sunday: 10:30am - 14:30pm, 17pm - 12am
Menu (Food & Drinks)
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Google Review: “We were finding good place in gold coast and we found this amazing place for yummy parathas I had. It was like homemade food. Love the atmosphere and chai. Highly Recommended Food: 5/5  |  Service: 5/5  |  Atmosphere: 5/5

Recommended dishes :- Tandoori Chicken, Vindaloo, Balti Chicken, Tawa Paratha with Butter Curd Picke, Butter Naan, Veg and Non Veg Thali, Cheese Garlic Naan, Bread Pakora, Vegetable Samosas, Aloo Paratha, Chicken Biryani, Vege Mix Platter, Kashmiri Pulao, Malai Chicken Tikka:”-Himani Oli

5. Citrique


Best Known For: Award-Winning Seafood Buffet featuring Moreton Bay bugs, Tiger Prawns, Blue Swimmer crabs, and Oysters.

Inside the JW Marriott Gold Coast Resort & Spa on Ferny Avenue in Surfers Paradise, Citrique continues to maintain the high standards expected from modern and lovely dining. Customers have an extensive selection of choices and space to relax while picking an eating route due to interactive zones located in sleek, stylish environments. Diners are invited to go on a culinary journey, enjoying foods such as delightful fresh seafood, sushi, antipasto, yum cha, varied curries, Indonesian satays, and European cuisine before falling into temptation at the delicious dessert buffet, which is made by Citrique’s team of chefs. Indulge yourself in midweek à la carte eating and enjoy tasty meals prepared with fresh local ingredients including pan-roasted barramundi, snow fish, bug dumplings, and pork belly.

Address 158 Ferny Ave, Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217, Australia
Service Options Dine-in · No Takeaway · No Delivery
Opening Hours Monday - Thursday: 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Friday - Saturday: 5:30pm - 9:00pm
Sunday - 12:00pm: 2:30pm
Menu (Food & Drinks) & Prices
Social Media Links Facebook

Google Review:”10/10, best Seafood buffet in Surfers Paradise. Loads of options as you can see in attached photos. I fully recommend the bugs, must have had 12 of them! Oysters were fresh and clean too, the sushi was great too, really enjoyed the seafood. Roasted meats and other meat dishes were on par too, great quality. Service was great too, could hear the live music from the bar outside which was nice, definitely will be back again! Thanks”- Enduro Shredders

6. Nicolinis Restaurant

Nicolinis Restaurant

Best Known For: Pizza, Pasta, and Homemade Tiramisu Served in an outdoor environment with picnic tables for children.
The best authentic Italian food on the Gold Coast is to be enjoyed at Nicolini’s in Surfers Paradise. This is a great place for pizza, pasta, or seafood made with the finest ingredients and proven methods. The staff at Nicolinis on Surfers Paradise Boulevard will treat you like an old friend, no matter the situation. You have a choice between one of their delicious pizzas. They suggest the Aussie with gammon, egg, and mozzarella—or one of their risotto or pasta dishes. Also, there’s no reason to keep the kids at home! For all the tiny eaters out there, Nicolinis offers a classy children’s menu.

The ‘genuine’ Italian cuisine of Surfers Paradise has been given back by Nicolinis, which is now under exciting Italian management. With a separate bar and café area, a pizzeria, family dining options, and gourmet dining options, indoors and out, this proved to be the best place to eat.

Address 3106 Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217, Australia
Service Options Dine-in · Kerbside pickup · Delivery
Opening Hours Monday: 5pm–11 pm
Tuesday: 5pm–11 pm
Wednesday: 5pm–11 pm
Thursday: 5:30pm–11 pm
Friday: 5pm–11 pm
Saturday: 5pm–11 pm
Sunday: 5pm–11 pm
Menu (Food & Drinks) & Prices
Social Media Links Facebook

Google Review: Impeccable food & service. The tiramisu is absolutely to die for! Could not recommend this restaurant more, I’m so glad my last meal in Surfers Paradise was here!  Will definitely be back on my next trip. Thank you guys sooo much!”- Shevourne Tupara

7. Gelatissimo


Best Known For: Relaxed Parlour chain offers in-store churned classic and Imaginative Ice Cream flavours.

The ability to imagine and passion are the two elements that drive their effort to develop the best-tasting gelato. While they prepare gelato using traditional techniques, they aren’t ordinary in any way. Each day, handcrafted gelato is freshly made in-store with seasonal, fresh ingredients, delicious additions, and more nutritious alternatives, including vegan-friendly, dairy-free, and gluten-free, like the well-known sunkissed coconut vegan sorbet options, to suit everybody. Their gelato will delight all of your senses, as, in their view, flavour is more than just taste. Since they are dedicated to fulfilling people wherever they find them, they are constantly thinking about what’s coming up. Feel the flavour in-store with an immersive, surprise-filled experience. Take your gelato home to enjoy later or have it immediately in a cup, cone, shake, or doughnut.

Everyone enjoys a sweet treat, and Gelatissimo’s fresh, handmade gelato is sure to satisfy your taste buds. There is really a flavour for everyone, from Belgian chocolate with dark chocolate liqueur to extremely berry cheesecake with berry jam and baked biscuit crumble.

Address 2/15 Cavill Ave, Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217, Australia
Service Options Dine-in · Takeaway · No-contact delivery
Opening Hours Monday: 10am–10:30pm
Tuesday: 10am–10:30pm
Wednesday: 10am–10:30pm
Thursday: 10am–10:30pm
Friday: 10am–11pm
Saturday: 10am–11pm
Sunday: 10am–10:30pmm
Menu (Food & Drinks)
Social Media Links Facebook, Instagram

Google Review: “Gelatissimo Surfers Paradise is a fantastic spot for anyone with a sweet tooth. The friendly staff greeted us with a smile and were very accommodating. They offered a wide range of options to cater to different dietary requirements, including sugar-free, dairy-free, and vegan ice cream options. The servings were generous, and you have the option to choose between a cup or cone. The vegan ice cream options were particularly delicious and packed with flavor. The cone was crispy and crunchy, while the cup allowed for a mess-free experience. The best time to visit the store is at night as the whole Surfers. The ambiance is perfect for anyone who wants to unwind and indulge in a sweet treat.”- Himalay Patel

8. Brazilian Flame Bar and Grill

Brazilian Flame Bar and Grill

Best Known For: Brazilian-style barbecue that is all-you-can-eat and offers a large selection of meat.

Brazilian Flame is a barbecue restaurant located in the heart of Gold Coast with an ALL YOU CAN EAT and a la carte menu that shows that this cuisine concept is unique. The Pub offers international drinks and local brews.

Delectable Brazilian cuisine is served at the Brazilian Flame Bar and Grill. Meat is grilled over an open flame and served to you at the table. The restaurant combines classic Brazilian flavours with fresh, innovative concepts. Music is playing, and wonderful smells are permeating the air. They provide a variety of delectable delicacies, such as delicate picanha and tangy feijoada. You’ll have a great time there, eat delicious cuisine, and create amazing memories.

Address Soul Boardwalk, Second Floor T2.04, 4 Esplanade, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia
Service Options Dine-in · No takeaway · No delivery
Opening Hours Monday-Sunday: 12pm to Late
Menu (Food & Drinks) & Prices
Social Media Links Facebook, Instagram

Google Review:”Food: The food was absolutely delicious and the servers were very prompt with bringing the meats around.  Side orders also arrived very quickly and were hot, delicious and generous in size. Service: The service was probably the best I’ve ever experienced. The staff were very attentive, they didn’t miss a beat when taking large orders of side dishes for our table of 9. They were fast, friendly and checked in regularly to ensure we were taken care of.

Towards the end of our dinner they asked if we were cold and offered blankets which is not something I’ve experienced before but with it being winter and having young children it was a very nice touch.10/10 would highly recommend.”- Ari B

9. Blueys Beer + Burgers

Blueys Beer + Burgers

Best Known For: Gourmet Burgers, Stellar Craft Beers

The Blueys Beer and Burger menus were developed out of a love for excellent comfort cuisine and craft beer and were inspired by the restaurant and bar scene in New York City. They concentrate on providing delicious comfort food and strong drinks. The food here is definitely a little immoral at times, but it is always comfort food, as it should be.

After a day of beach, shopping, or theme park parking, Gold Coast locals and visitors come to Blueys Beer + Burgers on Surfers Paradise Boulevard for an epic beer and burger feast. This burger joint offers comfortable eating, conveniently placed near a children’s playground, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy. It is located in the Circle on Cavill, just two minutes from the famous Surfers Paradise beach. Wrap your hands around a Blueys double beef and bacon burger, made with the finest ingredients, cooked to perfection, and served on milk buns. It includes American cheese, BBQ sauce, and aioli. The Cheeky Chook is Southern fried chicken with crispy bacon, slaw, and Blueys special sauce.

It’s not just about the burgers; they also serve tasty street dogs, Jalapeno poppers, chicken and waffles, loaded fries, and BBQ Texas-style pork ribs. You can’t go wrong with an order of their ribs, yet. Drink a craft beer or one of their fantastic cocktails to wash it all down.

Address South Tower Circle on Cavill, Shop T12 3184/3200, Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia
Service Options Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
Opening Hours Monday-Sunday: (7am to 3pm)
Menu (Food & Drinks) & Prices
Social Media Links Facebook

Google Review:”My partner and I came here for breakfast on the 4th of November, i myself had a brekky burrito and my partner had the brekky bruschetta and a cappuccino. They were both outstanding and truly amazing as you can see in the photos!! We throughly enjoyed our time at Blueys and will be back!!!”-Aaron Burrows

10. Misono Japanese Restaurant

Misono Japanese Restaurant

Best Known For: Japanese cuisine is grilled at the table by stylish chefs at the Hibachi establishment.

Expect much more than just a few of the most outstanding Japanese dishes on the Gold Coast when you eat at Misono Japanese Steakhouse. This innovative, red lantern-adorned restaurant is tucked deep inside the JW Marriott Gold Coast. Every seat becomes a stage for the chefs to skillfully flick, chop, toss, and juggle meats and fresh fish across the hot plate to the surprise and delight of customers. Enjoy a Geisha Mojito cocktail with creative specialties like The Dragon, which consists of crispy prawns, barbecued eel, cucumber, and cream cheese and is topped with torched salmon. Engage in a renowned teppanyaki dinner like Splash and Meadow’s, which includes filet steak and prawns and comes with miso soup, salad, vegetables, appetisers, and boiling rice, to get the ultimate Misono experience.

Address Level 3/158 Ferny Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia
Service Options Dine-in · No takeaway · No delivery
Opening Hours Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Sunday: (5:30pm to 10pm)
Menu (Food & Drinks) & Prices
Social Media Links Facebook

Google Review:”Had the absolute best night. Was the most fun I’ve ever had at Teppanyaki thanks to our amazing chef Jeff! And our wonderful server but I can’t remember his name. The food was so tasty and fresh. We got so much food we had to take containers home for lunch the next day!! The restaurant was packed there wasn’t a spare seat. Jeff came pumping music and dancing as well as all the tricks he did with the food. We had so much fun and next time I’m in the Gold Coast I will definitely return!! Thank you”- Lauren Lowy

11. Bumbles Café

Bumbles Café

Best Known For: A quirky cafe serving Modern Australian cuisine with outside seating, Genovese Premium Coffee, Hung Art, Flower Pots, and Vibrant Decor.

One of the loveliest cafés on the Gold Coast, Bumbles, is situated on the peaceful shores of Budds Beach, about five minutes walk from the centre of Surfers Paradise. Bumbles was originally a grocery store, but its founder, Kate, worked tirelessly to give it a pleasant atmosphere. Although the reality may appear small, it features multiple spaces for various moods. You can choose either to eat in the amazing blue room, which seats 12, the white-accented Hamptons room, the divine library, which seats 10, or the relaxed deck, which seats 8. Wherever you sit, you’ll love the Persian rugs, the fairy lights, the vibrant plants, or the nostalgic photo gallery – every corner is unique.

The ‘always great’ Queen Bee burger, Bumbles F.A.T. (feta, avo, and tomatoes), Tim’s exceptional lasagne, and crispy skin miso salmon with edamame and pickled ginger have all been included on the elegant lunch menu. The weekday indulgence of a glass of wine or beer with any lunch meal shouldn’t also be missed. The modest Devonshire tea, the slightly more opulent afternoon tea, and the totally decadent high tea are three kinds of afternoon tea available at Bumbles to anyone looking to be pampered. Any kind of coffee and tea imaginable can be found, along with plenty of chilled drinks, shakes, and cold-pressed juices, on the huge drinks menu.

Address 19 River Dr, Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217, Australia
Service Options Dine-in · No takeaway · No delivery
Opening Hours Monday-Sunday: (6:30am to 4pm)
Menu (Food & Drinks) & Prices
Social Media Links Facebook, Instagram

Google Review:”This is the second time I’ve been & again it was amazing!!! The staff are very friendly & helpful here! The drinks & food are yummy, decent servings & come out promptly. I had the fish & chips which was delicious & don’t forget to check the cake cabinet! They also have their own honey which is also really nice! Indoor & outdoor seating available, pet friendly & love the unique setting inside in each room!

Parking is available in surrounding streets. Just a note to say a big THANK YOU to the Owner & team for helping my friend with her car (Volvo) & calling the Council to help her so quickly! Went above & beyond, such a great community 🙏😊

Recommended dishes:- Avocado and Tomato Toast, Turkish Bread, Prawn Sandwich, Fries”- Elaine Tong

Final Words

Surfers Paradise is a great location for families seeking restaurants. From children to grandparents, there are various places that are ideal for everyone. These eateries are fantastic places to share a dinner with friends since they serve delicious food and offer a welcoming ambience. You’ll find something you enjoy in Surfers Paradise, whether you want breakfast by the beach, a variety of foods, or delectable sweets. Don’t miss out on these fantastic eateries when you travel with your family. They reveal the possibility of combining delicious meals with memorable occasions.

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