Melbourne’s Best Markets For Food And Drink

Melbourne's Best Markets For Food And Drink

We all know that Melbourne is a paradise for true food lovers. And to capture its true essence, one needs to pay a visit to this city’s top market for food and drink. From farm-fresh vegetables, fruits, food, and irresistible treats to top-quality meat, cheese, and other small goods, you can find anything at Melbourne’s top-notch markets.

Head over to the scattered markets, making your way across the streets, and experience some endless bargains to buy the local produce. Not only do these marketplaces serve as a feast for the senses, but they are also true cultural landmarks, focusing on this city’s splendid uniqueness, diversity, sense of community, and creativity.

Options being endless, there’s much more than just food stuff, such as unique gifts, organic goodies, stalls, etc. So take your time out and wholeheartedly get immersed in the bustling market of Melbourne to see what it feels like to step in the shoes of a Melbourne local.

1. Dandenong Market

Dandenong Market

Based on a very diverse and generous culture comes the Dandenong Market, which might require a bit of travel from the city itself. Just go there without having any to-buy lists and see yourself coming back with loaded-up bags of stuff that you don’t even know about. Many locals put this place at the top of their lists for having various spices, seeds, and grains from across the globe.

Carrying the identity of being one of Melbourne’s most culturally diverse food markets, it also offers plenty of fruits and vegetables to choose from. Their specialities aren’t limited to just seeds and grains, as they also have a lot of other culinary stuff going on as well. It includes fresh honey of around six kinds (New Zealand manuka, yellow box, and red gum).

For meat lovers, “Marmara Halal Meats” comes as a friendly sign as they are the best halal butcher in this area. With meat, they are specialised in offering a wide range of deliciously flavoured sausages as well. While heading over to the Dandenong Market, do check out their lamb tandoori, which is fully packed with plenty of flavours.

As it’s one of the oldest markets in Melbourne, taking a taste of all of its corners becomes a necessity. Go and bargain for the foods that really make your mouth water. If craving a sweet tooth, make your way to the Dandees Doughnuts to have some hot jam doughnuts.

Name Dandenong Market
Address Cleeland Street Cnr Clow St, Dandenong VIC 3175
Phone (03) 9701 3850
Opening Hours Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 7am – 4pm
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: Closed
Friday: 7am-5pm
Saturday: 7am-4pm
Sunday: 10am-3pm

2. Prahran Market

Prahran Market

The Prahran Market is really a foodie’s dream for every Melbourne local. This is the very market that caters to the wide range of food demands of the affluent local population by serving some great-quality organic produce. Along with it, people are also fond of the sustainable seafood and free-range meat that it offers in a very good manner.

Located on the edge of the trendy suburbs of Prahran, this market has been a point of attraction since 1891, with plenty of other interesting activities going on nearby. Whether it be the fresh fruit and vegetable produce or the seafood and meats, you will get it all here with ease. The best day for getting some fresh fruit and vegetables for yourself would be Saturday, as then you’ll be able to get a good bargain for your selected stuff.

For those having a dry throat, visit Swords Select Wines, and you won’t be disappointed at all. They really have the best thirst-educing microbrewed beers as well as ciders.

Being active in the city for more than 125 years, it has undergone so many additions and improvements. As a result, it also turned out to be a hub for hosting various tastings, cooking classes, culinary events, and food demonstrations as well. Their window shops are really a must-try because they have some of the best handmade pasta and other baked goods.

Name Prahran Market
Address 163 Commercial Rd South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia
Phone +61 3 8290 8220
Opening Hours Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 7am – 5pm
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 7am – 5pm
Friday: 7am-6pm
Saturday: 7am-5pm
Sunday: 10am-3pm

3. Preston Market

Preston Market

Conceived as ‘the people’s market’, comes the Preston Market, which has been running for over 50 years. Not just fresh goods focused on community feeding, this fascinating market also features a lot of foodie workshops and dine-in restaurants to take advantage of.

Reaching this market isn’t such a big deal, as various modes of transportation can be used for it. As the market’s saying goes, “It’s not just a market; it’s a community.” The same is visible in their practices for maintaining it. Their main focus for all linked members is to make it a more lively space where people can come and do their part.

This market is home to a good number of Middle Eastern, Asian, and Mediterranean cuisine-based shops and eateries that are worth a try. If you’re looking to try something new and exciting, go for their world-famous paella, which has competed on the world stage as well. You can always bargain for some hot jam doughnuts or grab Vinnie’s famous pizza slices.

If done with choosing stuff for your next week of meals, grab some clothing or beauty products or some locally made items to make use of at later stages. Along with being a great place for food and drinks, one can also host some of their school holiday events as well.

Name Preston Market
Address 2/30 The Centreway Market, Preston VIC 3072, Australia
Phone 03 9478 3130
Opening Hours Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 8am-3pm
Thursday: 8am-6pm
Friday: 8am-6pm
Saturday: 8am-3pm
Sunday: 8am-3pm

4. Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market

Since its establishment in the year 1878, this specialised Queen Victoria Market has undergone many innovations, allowing it to move with time. Covering an area of around 17 acres, this market is the largest open-air market in the southern hemisphere, featuring more than 700 different kinds of stalls.

It’s so well renowned as Melbourne’s best market that some people also refer to it as ‘Vic Market’ or ‘Queen Vic’. Even from a bit of distance, one can easily hear the hawker cries that some old veteran fruit vendors carry as their special identity from years ago.

Right since its inception, it has been famous for its go-to for fresh veggies, fruit, meat, a variety of dairy products, and small goods that they serve. This has helped them become something of a ‘must visit’ for all tourists coming here. Their night markets are also well known for the exceptional food trucks that they feature in the summer and winter.

Having a number of stalls offering all sorts of freshly prepared food makes this market a wonderland for all foodies. After coming here, make sure to head over to the Doughnut Kitchen Vans, which sells some of the most appetising jam-filled and sugar-covered doughnuts to all.

Name Queen Victoria Market
Address Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Phone 03 9320 5822
Opening Hours Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 6am-2pm
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 6am-2pm
Friday: 6am-5pm
Sunday: 9am-4pm

5. South Melbourne Market

South Melbourne Market

The South Melbourne Market is one of the best places to try out some fresh produce. The best days to reach here and cover everything would be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as these are the days that help a visitor make the most of their time. More than 140 stalls are there, offering some of the best eatables one can get a taste of.

From local produce to fresh oyster shots and buttery pastries, this market has it all in place to try out. If you are a non-vegetarian lover, head over to the different shops of bakers, butchers, grocers, and fishmongers and enjoy your fresh stuff. After being active for more than 150 years, it is much more of a well-known tourist destination than just a source of fresh food.

Despite being so old, it hasn’t lost its community spirit to date, making it Melbourne’s longest-running market on a continuous basis. While many people question its maze-like interior, the charm it carries can’t be neglected at all. Heading over in it, you stumble upon a lively food hall where you can taste some fresh sushi or famous spinach and cheese Borek.

In case you had enough food for yourself, go over to the SO:ME space, which is a small design market that presents some of the best local makers’ selections. There, you can find some locally made shoes, cute home decor pieces, menswear, and much more.

Name South Melbourne Market
Address Corner of Coventry & Cecil Streets, South Melbourne
Phone +61 3 9209 6295
Opening Hours Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 8am-4pm
Thursday: Closed
Friday: 8am-5pm
Saturday: 8am-4pm
Sunday: 8am-4pm

6. Chinatown Melbourne Market

Chinatown Melbourne Market

Professionally organised and handled by the Chinatown Precinct Association, the Chinatown Melbourne Market is truly a gem when it comes to feeding visitors with some luscious Chinese foodstuffs. Being set and guided with the aim of combining Melbourne’s unique characteristics with those of Chinatown, this marketplace is really a remarkable one. To do so, it is spreading the fragrance of its diverse street food, crafts, and products into the public space.

To allow people to really feel its charged atmosphere, it mainly operates in the late evening and nighttime only. By going there, you can get your hands on some of the most amazing Chinese toothsome delights as you see them being cooked right in front of your eyes.

Not only can you try something new based on Chinese cuisine, but you can also go over to some Asian grocery stores present nearby this market to choose something that suits your preference. Throughout the year, there are a number of activities and traditional festivals taking place, making it such a big name for all.

Right from the moment you reach it, you’ll start noticing how well its identity has been preserved, along with its streetscape visuals. The Chinatown Melbourne Market is truly a multicultural masterpiece that has stood true to its name and nature. Go over now to taste some of the best cuisines, like Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, and Malaysian, that will elevate your taste buds for sure.

Name Chinatown Melbourne Market
Address Heffernan Lane, Melbourne
Phone NA
Opening Hours Refer to this site:

7. Melbourne Farmers Market

Melbourne Farmers Market

Safeguard yourself from many common as well as chronic health issues by buying some local organic stuff from the Melbourne Farmers Market. It brings some of the best, freshest seasonal products, including handmade preserves, meats, cheeses, and other gourmet products. All this is brought straight from some of the best dairies, orchards, regional farms, and artisanal producers.

In addition to some fresh veggies and seasonal delights, you can also get beef, chicken, lamb, pork, honey, juices, handmade bread, biscuits, cakes and chocolates, jams and chutneys, tea, coffee, cheese, and other dairy products from visiting this market. Headed by the Victorian Farmers Markets Association, a number of farmers host their stalls at different locations in Melbourne, most of them at the city’s north and north-east ends.

You need not worry about the stuff that you will be buying at this marketplace, as all of it will be produced by a farmer licensed with the Victorian Farmers Markets Association. This means all the stuff that you are going to buy for consumption is either reared, caught, grown, or baked by the same farmers.

This market can be your next favourite for skipping the supermarket and going for the weekend. As it’s registered as a not-for-profit and certified social enterprise, there’s no possibility that any member of it will cheat on any visitor reaching here. Don’t delay anymore and buy some organic goods for yourself and your family at this amazing market that has been operating since 2002.

Name Melbourne Farmers Markets
Address Carlton North PS
Coburg PS
2 Wingrove Street
Phone +61 429 146 627
Opening Hours Carlton - Every Saturday : 8am-1pm
Coburg - Every Saturday : 8am-1pm
Alphington - Every Sunday : 9am-1pm

8. Grazeland


Being relatively a new addition to the list of Melbourne’s Best Markets for Food and Drink hasn’t really stopped Grazeland from securing its spot. It’s really a playground for foodies of all ages. Despite operating for only three days, Grazeland truly is Melbourne’s most amazing culinary precinct. Not just for food, this place is a wonderland for entertainment as well.

Located just 5 km from the Melbourne CBD, this lively weekend venue is much more than just a market for enjoying your foods and drinks. Come and celebrate this city’s amazing food culture, making it the perfect weekend sport for work colleagues, families, and friends.

Elevating the liveliness of the whole scenario comes a range of performances that can be enjoyed while eating the international bites and drinks being served. The cuisine range is also very vast, ranging from African, American North and South, Asian, Australian, European, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean, Mexican, and much more.

There’s an entry fee of $4.00 that all visitors aged 12 or older need to pay. This is not the case for children, as their entry is marked free. So, without any further ado, make up your mind to reach here and try something as per your taste.

Name Grazeland
Address 20 Booker St, Spotswood, Melbourne 3015
Phone +61 3 7037 8000
Opening Hours Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: Closed
Friday: 4pm-10pm
Saturday: 12pm-10pm
Sunday: 12pm-9pm

Summary Points

One can’t doubt Melbourne’s excellent recognition as a food-obsessed city. It hasn’t achieved this milestone within a span of a few years, despite the efforts of many involved in it. With so many locations and places scattered around the city that are worth visiting, one needs to take their time out to check them out. From fresh produce to local seafood and meats, options to choose from are plenty.

All these enchanting markets aren’t only based on local Aussie flavours; many of them have taken inspiration from other horizons as well. So next time, if you don’t have an active weekend plan, head over to any of the above-mentioned food and drink markets to get a real feel for Melbourne, just like a local does.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the oldest market in Melbourne?

Prahran Market is the oldest market in Melbourne that has been in operation since 1864 and is still running.

What are the main markets in Melbourne?

South Melbourne Market, Prahran Market, Dandenong Market, and Chinatown Melbourne Market are the main markets in the Melbourne region.

Which is the biggest market in Melbourne?

Queen Victoria Market is the biggest open-air market in Melbourne.

Which Melbourne Markets are best for fresh meat?

South Melbourne Market and Queen Victoria Market are the best options for buying fresh meat in Melbourne.

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