7 Best Places to Explore This Weekend in Carlton


Looking forward to a wonderful and enlightening weekend? Look no further than Carlton, a mesmerising community that expertly combines culture, history, and contemporary energy. Carlton provides a wide range of entertaining activities to make the most of your stay, whether you’re a resident looking for a relaxing holiday or a visitor eager to explore the region.

The region has a reputation for having a wide variety of restaurants, from those serving up classic Italian dishes to others serving up innovative fusion cuisine. Carlton offers a wide variety of clubs and pubs for people wishing to go out and explore the town at night. One of Carlton’s most well-known locations is Lygon Street, which is surrounded by a variety of places to eat and drink that stay open late to serve incredible food and beverages. Besides this, there are many more places that are well-known for their vibrant street festivals and markets, including the finest regional foods and handmade goods.

Everyone can find something to do in Carlton, whether they want to relax with a cup of coffee in a welcoming cafe or become immersed in the community’s arts and culture scene. In this blog, we will come across some of the coolest things to do to experience Carlton in the best manner possible.

1. Lygon Street

Lygon Street

Lygon Street, which is also referred to as Carlton’s Little Italy, is filled with the Italian community of Melbourne. This place has a vast range of amazing Italian eating spots and cafes. The ‘Aussie’ pizza is also considered to have originated from this place. The Lygon Street Festa is one of Australia’s biggest outdoor street festivals and is held annually in this region. It has a strong European influence.

Lygon Street, or Little Italy, is well known for its cuisine, but there is more to it than that. The rich tapestry of Italian food is celebrated in abundance along this famous street, which is a tribute to the neighbourhood’s Italian history. Beyond its gastronomic offerings, Lygon Street is a must-visit location in the area due to its historical significance, lively atmosphere, and an assortment of boutique stores.

Your trip to Carlton wouldn’t be complete without some time well spent wandering through Lygon’s side streets during the night or inhaling the aroma of freshly baked bruschetta and coffee.

Top Attractions of Lygon Street:

Culinary Delights: Prepare your taste buds for a trip through the flavours of Italy with these culinary delights. A charming collection of diners, cafés, and restaurants that serve genuine Italian food can be found on Lygon Street. Some popular restaurants are Pidapipo Gelateria, King & Godfree, and DOC Espresso.

Cultural Ambiance: Besides its culinary choices, Lygon Street has a lively cultural vibe. The history of Melbourne and the experience of Italian immigrants, which have been flawlessly woven into the neighbourhood’s fabric, can be heard in the street.

Lovely Boutiques: As you explore the options on the street, you’ll run into lovely boutique stores that give your excursion a touch of class. Lygon Street provides a variety of retail therapy alternatives, from fashion boutiques presenting original creations to specialist shops that offer well-picked selections.

Live Entertainment: Lygon Street changes colour as the sun sets. Live performances and music are available at several locations along the strip, elevating the evening’s enjoyment. The street is alive with cultural activity, from jazz to acoustic music.

2. Carlton Gardens

Carlton Gardens

If you are a nature lover and want to surround yourself with it, then what is the best place to be other than Carlton Gardens if you are visiting this city? This spot is located in the centre of Carlton’s community, which accommodates the Royal Exhibition Building and the Melbourne Museum. Take a leisurely stroll around the lovely Carlton Gardens to find comfort in the embrace of nature. Here, you’ll be surrounded by stunning flower arrangements, elegant fountains, and peaceful walkways that beckon you to relax from the bustle of the city.

With its stunning fountain, tall trees, and level lawns, Carlton Gardens is an amazing garden and the ideal location for a peaceful evening stroll. If you wish to enjoy a picnic with your family and friends, there are also a few cafes near the edge of the garden. A lot of food trucks and other vendors are available at the Melbourne Flower & Garden Show, which is also hosted at Carlton Gardens. So, you can plan your visit to this place accordingly.

Top Attractions Of Carlton Gardens:

Royal Exhibition Building: The Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton, located in the Carlton Gardens, is listed as Australia’s first World Heritage-listed building. Many notable historical events and exhibitions are held in this classic building because of its wonderful architecture. There are a total of 139 steps to reach the building’s top and witness the phenomenal view from 8 different levels. An elevator is also available at this place for those who don’t want to climb the stairs. Inside the Royal Exhibition Building, you will be amazed to come across the artwork’s beauty and the place’s historical significance. There is always something new to learn here, whether you visit this city during the Christmas markets, Oktoberfest, or any other festival.

Melbourne Museum: The Melbourne Museum, next to the Royal Exhibition Building, offers a variety of information and engaging displays. Discover the natural wonders, dig into the history of Melbourne, and discover the cultural diversity of the area. For visitors of all ages, the museum provides an educational experience.

IMAX Theatre: The IMAX Theatre at the Carlton Gardens is a must-see if you want to experience a cinematic journey that is larger than life. Experience cinema unlike any other by submerging yourself in breathtaking documentaries and flicks on a massive screen.

Beautiful Fountains: The grounds are filled with elegant fountains that give the area a sense of class. Intricate works of art like the Hochgurtel and French Fountain add to the beauty of the surroundings and offer a serene place for contemplation.

Floral Spectacle: The Carlton Gardens provide a spectacular display of flora, from well-kept lawns to bright flowerbeds. Seasonal blossoms and lush vegetation form a stunning backdrop that beckons you out for leisurely strolls and photo opportunities.

History-telling Monuments: As you explore, you’ll come across monuments that tell the stories of the past. These markers reveal information about the history of the gardens and the people who helped create them.

Picnic Places: The Carlton Gardens have attractive picnic places, whether you’re looking for privacy or intend to spend a leisurely day with loved ones. Spread a blanket beneath a tree and enjoy a meal while listening to the tranquil sounds of nature.

3. DOC Pizza & Mozzarella Bar

DOC Pizza & Mozzarella Bar

If you are in Carlton and love having pizza, then we recommend you pay a visit to an amazing place known as DOC Pizza & Mozzarella Bar. They serve top-notch pizza with traditional, authentic flavours that will definitely blow your mind. DOC is located just around the corner on Drummond Street and is owned by Tony Nicolini. For food lovers looking for an exceptional dining experience, this lovely business has earned a reputation for offering some of Melbourne’s best and most genuine Italian meals. You can come here in the evening with your family or friends to experience the beauty of the surroundings and the true Italian flavours.

Top Attractions About This Place:

Artisanal Pizzas: DOC’s handcrafted pizzas, which are made with great care and attention to detail, are the centrepiece of its menu. A symphony of flavours using fresh ingredients melds together in perfect harmony atop the thin, crunchy crust. Each pizza is a work of culinary art, from the traditional Margherita decorated with vivid tomatoes and pungent basil to creative combinations that excite the tongue.

Mozzarella Bar: Enjoy a variety of mozzarella variations, each with a distinctive flavour and texture. The mozzarella at DOC is a voyage through dairy perfection, whether it is eaten by itself, with fresh tomatoes and basil, or as a compliment to other meals.

Authentic Ingredients: DOC’s dedication to finding only the best and most genuine ingredients is the foundation of its success. Every ingredient used to create their meals, from San Marzano tomatoes to imported Italian flour, is packed with care to guarantee a unique and satisfying eating experience.

Warm Ambience: Diners are made to feel at home in the DOC’s welcoming environment. The warm lighting and wood accents in the rustic yet modern décor provide a sociable and comfortable atmosphere that is perfect for romantic meals, get-togethers with friends, or simply indulgence alone.

Takeaway & Delivery: Both options are available for those who want to enjoy the DOC experience in the privacy of their own home. Thus, no matter where you are, you can enjoy the flavours of Italian cuisine.

4. Carlton Baths

Carlton Baths

In the thriving district of Carlton in Melbourne (Australia), the Carlton Baths is a well-known recreational facility that focuses on health, fitness, and relaxation over the city’s booming nightlife. There are several amenities available in this place, such as a heated pool, hydrotherapy pool, spa, sauna, and fitness centre. If you are looking for a balance between nightlife events and wellness activities, then Carlton Baths is a great community sporting facility for you to visit.

This cutting-edge facility provides a variety of services and activities designed to appeal to those looking to improve their well-being, make friends, and enjoy a balanced lifestyle. This place also has a wide variety of kid-friendly activities, so you can even bring your kids here to have some fun. There are outdoor lap and kiddie pools, a two-level fitness centre and health club, a bike studio, cardio-training rooms, a single-court stadium, conference spaces, and a courtyard cafe, among other unique amenities. Every year, from October to April, their 25-meter outdoor pool remains open for their visitors.

Top Attractions About This Place:

Modern Training Facilities: The Carlton Baths are home to cutting-edge training centres, including a fully-stocked gymnasium that welcomes exercise lovers of all skill levels. The facility offers a wide variety of programmes and equipment to help you achieve your fitness goals, whether they involve functional training, cardiovascular health improvement, or strength development.

Indoor Pool: The Carlton Baths’ indoor pool welcomes guests to swim all year long in a regulated atmosphere. The pool offers a rejuvenating and energising experience, whether you’re wanting to swim laps for fitness or just relax with a leisurely dip.

Aquatic Programmes: They provide a range of aquatic programmes that are suitable for people with different skill levels and interests, including swimming instruction for people of all ages and aquatic fitness sessions. The aquatic programmes offer a welcoming and interesting atmosphere, regardless of whether you are a novice or an experienced swimmer.

Group Workout Sessions: The facility offers a variety of group workout sessions that support strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. There is a class for every fitness inclination, including high-intensity interval training (HIIT), yoga, and Pilates.

Personal Training: The Carlton Baths provide personal training services for anyone looking for customised direction and assistance. Experienced trainers collaborate directly with clients to create personalised training schedules, monitor development, and offer encouragement.

5. Cinema Nova

Cinema Nova

Cinephiles must stop by the venerable Cinema Nova. This independent theatre prides itself on providing a wide selection of films, from blockbusters to obscure indies and thought-provoking documentaries. Cinema Nova is an outstanding destination for exploring the vibrant nightlife scene in Carlton, Melbourne. If you want to spend some quality time with your loved one while watching a movie, then Cinema Nova is the perfect spot for you. It is renowned as an independent and arthouse theatre and presents a variety of film genres, including films from all around the world and Australia, to suit different preferences. The late-night showings at Cinema Nova are what mainly differentiates it from other theatres, enabling individuals to stay up late and take part in the lively atmosphere of Carlton’s nightlife.

Cinema Nova also organises events, celebrations, and Q&A sessions with the filmmakers and directors of the movie. There is also Nova Bar & Kitchen located just next to the theatre, which provides a cosy and stylish atmosphere for those who are looking for a place to hang out before or after watching a movie. They have a wide range of drinks to offer, such as local wines, artisan brews, and inventive cocktails.

Top Attractions About This Place:

Art House Ambiance: The theatre’s ambience has an art-house flair that distinguishes it from conventional multiplexes. Cinema Nova provides a more immersive and individualised film experience with its plush seating configurations, creative design, and small-scale screening rooms.

Film Festivals: Cinema Nova hosts a number of film festivals that provide viewers access to carefully chosen films that focus on certain subjects, cultures, or genres. The opportunity to discover niche and international cinema is provided by these events, which add a dynamic dimension to the cinematic scene.

Director Q&A Sessions: The theatre periodically holds Q&A sessions with producers, directors, and actors, providing the audience with a special chance to learn more about the making of the films they watch.

Culinary Delights: Cinema Nova provides a delicious selection of gourmet nibbles in addition to popcorn, such as charcuterie boards, cheese platters, and handmade chocolates. The theatre’s dedication to excellence extends to its menu selections, improving the movie-going experience.

Film Education: Cinema Nova is dedicated to promoting film literacy via a number of programmes, such as seminars, panel discussions, and special events that offer insights into the history, craft, and methods of filmmaking.

Cultural Hub: This place promotes a sense of camaraderie among movie fans as a cultural centre. It’s a meeting place for people who love films, where they can share ideas and have deep conversations.

6. The Clyde Hotel

The Clyde Hotel

The Clyde Hotel has been serving the Carlton neighbourhood since 1866 and is Carlton’s most beloved place. It is basically a traditional family-run pub that serves hearty food, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. Their daily special meals are made of seasonal ingredients and have a vast selection of fantastic brews. Over the course of the voyage, the Clyde has served generations of Carltonians, university students and employees, athletes, thespians, comedians, politicians, princes, and paupers.

They still serve all their visitors with the same traditional, family warmth and hospitality. The Clyde is still a popular destination for football fans throughout the football season to watch the flat screens in the beer garden or main bar. You can visit with your family to spend a lovely and memorable evening while sitting by the fire in the lounge bar or hanging out with your friends in their appealing vast beer garden or rooftop bar.

Top Attractions About This Place:

Heritage & Atmosphere: As soon as you enter the Clyde Hotel, you can immediately feel its historical significance. The building’s historic architecture and retro furnishings provide a setting that honours its illustrious history while allowing visitors to forge new memories there.

Local Specialty Beers: The Clyde, a classic bar, is well known for its assortment of regional and specialty beers. Customers may choose from a wide variety of beers, each of which showcases a distinct flavour character and pays homage to the burgeoning craft beer culture.

Traditional Pub Food: The cuisine of the pub features classic pub food with a contemporary touch. The menu has something for everyone, from substantial burgers and traditional parma to sophisticated meals that highlight regional delicacies.

Live Entertainment: The Clyde Hotel comes to life with a variety of live performances, such as live music, quiz nights, and other gatherings that strengthen customer relationships. It’s a centre where friends congregate, laughter echoes, and a sense of community abounds.

Beer Garden Retreat: The pub’s outside beer garden provides a peaceful haven where guests may relax, chat with friends, and take in the scenery. It’s a popular location, especially on warm days.

7. Pidapipó


Imagine a paradise where the flavours and brilliant colours of your deepest desires come to life. Welcome to Pidapipó, a gelato haven tucked away in Carlton. Pidapipó is an extraordinary place of frozen magic, where each scoop is a work of beauty and each bite is a symphony of flavours.

You’ll enter one of Pidapipó’s lovely gelato shops and be transported to a place where artisanal skill and unrestricted imagination coexist. Gelato is made with a dedication to perfection and an enduring enthusiasm for flavour at this place, where it is more than simply a treat but an experience that captures the essence of pure delight.

Your senses are enticed by the bright displays of gelato as soon as you walk in, each colour more alluring than the previous. The finest ingredients are expertly crafted into frozen works of art by craftsmen who are inspired by nature’s abundance, seasonal treats, and their own creative whims.

Top Attractions About This Place:

Artisanal Gelato Creations: Pidapipó is renowned for its handcrafted method of producing gelato. Each scoop is a labour of love that has been painstakingly made to capture the essence of fine ingredients and the ingenuity of talented craftsmen.

Imaginative Flavours: Get ready for a flavour journey unlike any other. Pidapipó is recognised for its innovative and out-of-the-box flavour combinations that tantalise the palate and defy accepted gelato rules.

Fresh and Local: Pidapipó prides itself on using fresh, regional foods. Every component, from the best dairy to ripe seasonal fruits, goes into making their gelato, which has an outstanding flavour and texture.

Custom Creations: The Pidapipó gelato experience goes above and beyond the norm. At its foundation, customization enables you to design your own unique masterpiece by selecting from a variety of flavours, toppings, and sauces.

Instagram-Worthy: The visual appeal of Pidapipó transcends taste. The gelato is a favourite among social media lovers looking for the ideal picture because of its aesthetic attraction.


Let’s take a look back at the incredible activities you can do in Carlton as the weekend draws to an end in this vibrant area of Melbourne. Every activity you do during your stay here, from lounging in the lovely Carlton Gardens to dining on delectable Italian food on Lygon Street to exploring interesting locations like Cinema Nova and The Clyde Hotel, is memorable.

You may also browse the fascinating Readings Bookstore and Gallery Funaki, which feature works by regional artists. Another destination to learn about the history of Melbourne is the Melbourne Museum, and Pidapipó is the best spot to sample mouthwatering gelato flavours that will make you happy.

This weekend provides something for everyone, whether you’re a resident searching for new things to do or a tourist wishing to experience Carlton’s spirit. Take with you memories of enjoyable strolls, delicious cuisine, and enjoyable interactions with people as you bid farewell to this welcoming location.

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